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HARSHAW TLD Reader (Model 3500)

Planchet heating incorporates a welded thermocouple for best temperature reproducibility. The operational software, Thermo Scientific™ WinREMS™, which runs on a separate computer, provides the user interface, the reader control and the applications software. The manually-operated Harshaw 3500 is used in medical physics, health physics, materials research, food irradiation and industrial applications.

  • Multiple, programmable, linear heating cycles such as pre-read anneal, acquire and post-read anneal cycles.

  • Heating temperature capability up to 400°C (standard model) or 600°C (high-temperature version).

  • Thermoelectric PMT cooler for maximum gain stability.

  • Seven decade glow curve acquisition range.

  • Optional neutral density filters to extend the high measurement range.

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