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Gamma (     Co ) & X- Ray Irradiation


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GAMMACELL (    Co) Irradiator


The Gammacell 220 ® (MDS Nordion, Ottawa, Canada), is the conventional self-shielded irradiator. In the irradiate position the sample chamber is surrounded by several rods or "pencils" of the    Co isotope. The dose rate is determined by the activity of the source, and the absorbed dose delivered to the material is controlled by adjusting the exposure time. The sample chamber is a vertical cylinder, approximately 150 mm diameter by 200 mm tall (3.7 L) and has a typical dose uniformity ratio of about 1.7. 


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Gamma (60Co) and X-ray Irradiation

Detection of Environmental Isotopes

TLD Material Evaluation

Radiation Processing

Radioactivity Measurement

Sterilization of Products


HARSHAW TLD Reader (Model 3500)

The Thermo Scientific™ HARSHAW TLD™ Model 3500 Reader provides cost-effective measurements of the radiation dose absorbed by individual TLD media: ribbons (chips), rods, micro-cubes or powders and cubes in a broad variety of sizes and suitable for all kinds of applications that require thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) detectors. This reader includes a sample drawer for a single TLD dosimeter, programmable heating system and a cooled photo multiplier tube with associated electronics to measure the TL light output.

X-Ray Machine (Eresco MF4)

ERESCO MF4 portable industrial X-ray generators. As a key research asset of the radiation lab, the x-ray facility is accessible by researchers as well as off-campus academic groups and industrial users. Our X-ray units generates a high X-ray dose which allows the shortest exposure time that results in higher productivity by using modern compact electronics to minimize weight and provide a high-power output with extremely low ripple, together with a sturdy metal ceramic X-ray tube.

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​A thermoluminescence spectrometer for detecting luminescence of a matter, the spectrometer comprising: a heat chamber with light tight enclosure; a spectrograph that collimates and disperses photon from the heat chamber; and a detector at spectrograph to measure thermoluminescence of photon.

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HPGe Detector

High-purity germanium (HPGe) detector is recognized as a gold standard for detection and identification of characteristic gamma rays from radiological sources, including concentration assessment of       Ra (      U),                 Ra 

(    Th) and    K. The detector is a coaxial 3 inch diameter closed end-cap type, operated at 2,500 V HV bias supply and is shielded in a chamber made of lead, cadmium and copper (total thickness 11 cm) in order to reduce the background radioactivity. This p-type detector is designed to provide 25% relative efficiency with FWHM resolution of 0.82 keV at the 122 keV gamma-ray line of    Co and 1.85 keV at the 1332 keV gamma-ray line of  Co. Before measurement, the detector is calibrated for energy and efficiency. A built-in computer automatically sorts the signals into a gamma-ray spectrum, analyses it for known nuclides and displays the results. 









Provides heat treatment process (annealing) for thermoluminescence dosimetric materials which remove background radiation and standardise its sensitivity.  

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